Race Check Point Problems

I’m having problems with my checkpoints not clocking up after 2 or 3 deaths. I’m using Ducain’s braintree and checkpoints. I’ve used it before with no problems. My spawn points and checkpoint count are set correctly on the tree and on the CP brain. All budgets are 60% or less except lighting. Has the problem in forge and customs though it’s more reliable in forge. No over lapping channel or any channel conflict either. Anyone with any thoughts I sure would appreciate it. EDIT: Thanks everyone. Kenjamin1 JI helped me fix it. Thank you Kenjamin1 JI, I really appreciate your help and support.Ticket Closed.

Hi, are you using other scripted items? or any zone triggers for other actions? Do any zone areas intersect?
if not then,
Are the respawn points in locations where the vehicle ‘can’ respawn? enough room not obstructed? not pressed tight to the ground (this can prevent a vehicle to respawn).

Do you have any ‘stray’ script brains or multiple checkpoints set to the same spawn order? (could cause conflict)

Double check your checkpoint zone sequence for spawn order.(chk 1 is start/finish, and last point counted per lap, chk 2 is the first destination to reach after 3-2-1 GO!)

last one… are the checkpoint zones wide/deep enough, where vehicle passes through? *the hog is 20 units nose-to-tail, try giving 25-30 units deep.
if no luck xbox msg me the map name and unlock it to be searchable, I can take a look. Cheers, Kenjamin1 MI