RA_Beaters Recruiting (Clan and Competitive)

Clan name: TheRA_Beaters

Basic detail about the clan: The clan was created last year, It is a military based clan and the clan name was created but RA being part of my name and another gen of the clan and beater being from the character Kirito The beater of sword art online, the reason we use it is being beta tester of older halo and other games and finding area which are hard or impossible to reach normally making us be called cheaters beta+cheater= Beater. we have around 10 to 15 members, a clan base which has won us matches and various training maps for each branch and basic’s of the clan.

Ranks: Military branch
RCT= Recruit
PVT= Private
CPL = Corporal
SGT= Sargent
CPT= Captain
MJR= Major
COM= Commander

Reacon and spec ops ( Run by me)

vehicles experts:
NVU= New Vehicle user
VU= Vehicle user
VE= Vehicle Expert

RCT= all new members must start here and be trained by the gen running this branch

To become a Gen
Becoming a general of a clan cant be reached through the clan only 3 spaces are available and they are given to TheRA_Beaters Competitive and MLG team which 2 spaces have already been taken. to get into this you must show skill beyond anyone else great team work. to be tested message myself: xWhiteStealthx or Skits94 for a try or if you are interested in joining.


  1. No Teabaging
  2. Repect members of the clan and who we face
  3. No under 13 year old
  4. Must be on when we need you

Message me for more information and thanks for reading

TheRA_Beaters = We are the best at what we do and are ready to stand to the challenge