R-G-O-F recruiting

hello! if your interested in R-G-O-F (random group of furries) We are brand new and currently have two members. Me and one other, we are not competitive and we are not a part of any specific faction, we try to be cool with all factions regardless. We do not discriminate in any shape or form. please try to be as non toxic as possible. also i forgot to say, we accept non-furs just to be clear. we hope you’ll enjoy being with us! I will have rules and more posted in our company forums as well as a more in depth description of our group in the bio. also, we do not have a discord (as of right now) so we rely on halowaypoint and Xbox. also, I am currently grounded and have been for a year in a half. (sadly) so if you need to contact me personally just message me on my profile or in our company messages.
(DISCLAIMER BECAUSE I ALWAYS HAVE TO SAY THIS!!! AHHHH) if you have any issues with furries in general please do not be toxic. thank you.

also, i forgor------ I FORGOT to point out that not only am i grounded, i have to cram in 3 hours of yoga and exercise, school, work, house work, home renovations, and graphic designs (aka art) and a bunch of other stuff in one day. but i will check my inbox and the forums comments for players who want to join. thank u :3