"Naming" the Halo games...

So, I’m big on games having actual titles, rather than numbers; even if obvious sequels. I’m the same way with cars; hearing “Viper”, or “Diablo” just has a more empassioned ring to it… it’s just hard to be inspired by the “LFA” or “330i”. Is it a car or alphabet soup?

Anyway, I digress… So with games, I like it when a game or its sequel has a more proper title. I like that the newest Assassin’s Creed is called Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, rather than 3 or 2.5. First off, it just sounds better, and gives you a better idea about the title itself. Second, it helps alleviate the frustration of mission a “number” on my game collection shelf. :wink:

So, Halo: Reach did it right, and heck, I’ll even give Halo Wars a pass. Halo: Combat Evolved… a bit ambiguous, but works. But what about Halo 2 and 3? If you were to give them a more proper title to reflect the fiction and the story (Not “Halo 2: WTF, I’m and Elite”), what would it be?

Here is a game-based narrative order to help you think about it.

Halo Wars
Halo: Reach
Halo: Combat Evolved/The Flood
Halo: _____________
Halo: ODST
Halo: _____________

Maybe for Halo 2, Halo: The Great Schism, or Halo: The Arbiter

And for Halo 3, Halo: Battle for Earth, or Halo: The Ark

So… What are your thoughts, Waypoint Community?


I think an obvious choice for Halo 2 is something like “Halo: High Charity” or “Halo: The Arbiter”, etc. Due to the constant conflict and stress put on faction relationships (UNSC, Covenant, Flood and Gravemind, Arbiter, Master Chief, 343 Guilty Spark, 2401 Penitent Tangent, etc.), perhaps the title could include something related to loyalty or division. Maybe something like “Halo: Loyalties” (but I’m afraid that’s too simplified) or even “Halo: Fractured Ties”.

I got part way through your post when I came up with “Halo: The Ark” for Halo 3, but low and behold, you already thought of it. :stuck_out_tongue: I also came up with “Halo: Shield” or “Halo: Safeguard”, “Halo: Unwavering Duty” or “Halo: Duty”, “Halo: Compromise”, “Halo: Atonement”, “Halo: Cataclysm”, or “Halo: Conviction”, just to name a few.

I started throwing all sorts of adjectives in there, but I stopped when it almost felt like I was naming ships… :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo 2 can be “Halo two betrayals” due to the prophets betraying the elites and the elites going against the covenant and joining us.

Halo 2, Halo The Journey
Halo 3, Journey’s End

> Halo 2 can be “Halo two betrayals” due to the prophets betraying the elites and the elites going against the covenant and joining us.

Creative! I like the use of a well-known Halo phrase. :smiley:

Oo, I like the sound of “Halo:The Ark” and Halo: The Great Schism…Although not many people know how to pronounce “Schism”

Halo:The Flood would ruin it though since Flood wasn’t even expected to pop up. Halo: Combat Evolved made me think that was the second in the series… (Was like 10 when it came out)

Tbh, I think this is how it should have been:

Halo, Halo:Beginning or Halo: The Great War (Or something along those lines, something to say “This is the first in a new series”

Halo:The Great Schism, Halo:Reborn… (Something telling us something big is coming up… Reborn saying "Someone or Something got “Reborn” into something anew (Aka the Elites separating) from the Covenant.

Halo: Battle for Earth would make people think the battle was only on Earth. That’s why Halo:The Ark would be a great title, hints at something mysterious. What is the Ark? Where is the Ark? WHEN is the Ark? Is it Alien? Etc.


Halo 2= Halo: The Prophets

Halo3= Halo: The Finish

Or may halo 3 should be the end which could have been named Halo 3: The Last Stand or Halo: The Last Stand