"Name Is Blocked"

My name has been blocked for months now, And I’ve been wondering why. I can understand word filters, but is it really necessary to block off a name that has the word “Deadly” in it, On an M-Rated game?

Are we talking in Halo Reach, or LIVE or something else? I am not getting what your saying. Can you explain it in detail please?

In Halo Reach. In the first 2 months after release or so of the game. I was capable of uploading clips, films, screenshots fairly normal like any other person. Now as of recently, I’m unable to upload any. It’s saying my name isn’t allowed and is blocked from uploading. I don’t quite remember offending the developers to the point to where I could receive such a punishment. But I’ll never know, I guess.

Ohh, It’s not because of your name… It’s saying your name is on a ban list. This is because you have uploaded something that breaks the rules to your fileshare or have broken another rule that Halo has banned you for. Can’t really help you with that nobody can. Try calling Xbox help and support if you have proof and I strongly emphasize the “Proof” factor that you have been wrongly banned.