"Beta" playlist

Hey. I know that many people don´t like the MP from Reach like me. I loved the Beta and so I thought why not bring back a playlist with fixed Swordbase and Powerhouse(TDM,Objective,…) and Boneyard(invasion). There would be the same gameplay mechanics like in the Beta. So no 15 shots magazine for the DMR. Bloom would be fixed. Only Armor lock and grenades should be fixed for the playlist. And I have also one request. Could one admin like BS angel someone different tell us if this possible? Thanks for reading.

I like this idea. I had more fun in the beta then now with the full game. Kinda sad, huh?

I liked the Beta gameplay over the final game myself. I don’t believe that they can put the BETA version of everything into the a play list for the final game due to coding issues. Maybe we can get the BETA re-opened on ODST though so people can play the in my opinion better version of Halo Reach MM.

beta invasion was so fun

Even more powerful grenades (Very common complaint), Armor Lock being able to be used 13+ times in a single charge (Very common complaint, why Halo: Reach “failed”), Double Melee’s being even faster (Very common complaint), network stability being average at best.

Oh yeah, those were the days… Now this is a perfect example of nostalgia clouding your judgement!