" Air battle " New gametype !?

Air Battle

Score Limit: 75
Time Limit: 12:00
Max # of Players: 10
5 on 5
Banshee respawn rate: 30 Seconds

2 bases forge made including 5 Indestructible banshees in each ( So the banshees dont explode , its annoying ).
In the map there should be overshields respawning at diffrent times also rockets placed around the map.
When not in a vehicle your primary weapon is the DMR with max ammo. (For when your in ethir base).
I know what some of you are thinking “STAR WARS EWW” Or " Thats basicly starwars" well no just cuz ur in a flying vehicle dosent mean its starwars.

And think about it if this gametype became popular think of the map packs 343 could make of it.