Quitting problems

The game has a big quitting problem. There should be punishments for leaving games regardless if it’s quick play or ranked. There have been so many times where I will get 2 bots and they aren’t good enough to carry their load and so it turns into free kills for the other team. End not enjoyable for me or the other guy because it’s pretty much 2 on 4. Also regarding armor coatings. If your going to do customization like that you have to at least give every armor core the basic colors of halo otherwise you really are causing everyone to look the exact same way

I don’t entirely blame people for quitting in quick-play because most of the time they’re trying to find the correct mode such as Oddball to complete their challenges, I blame the flawed progression system more than the player right now

As for ranked, yeah, it’s just frustrating when somebody leaves & you’re forced to play at a handicap, you should be punished for sure if you leave there.

For ranked I feel like they need to either remove the ability to leave or just make a surrender option so everyone can just leave without their stats being changed if someone quits early. Kind of like in Overwatch if someone leaves within the first 30 seconds of the match starting in competitive, it just cancels the match and doesn’t change anyone’s rank stats.

As for OP’s post, there apparently is a consequence of a ban on the first leave. Most people probably just go play something else for half an hour then come back and do it again.