Quitting is becoming a problem

Idk if this is going on with any of you guys, but the past 10 or so games it seems like one team just quits out.

the past 3 I’ve had everyone on the other team quit besides one guy, I guess it’s some weird since of honor, quit and we have to look around the whole map for this guy.

Ive never been in support of quit bans, but having games go to the time limit bc you can’t take your beating gets old.

I know Halo 5 already has some quit bans in place, I think they should be much more strict though. Like an automatic de rank if you leave.


I think you loose a rank if you leave, I been in a game when 2 other people on my team leave. This makes for a long game and not fun but I do not quite since it hurts my team and stuff.

yeah I agree

I also noticed that people leave their games quite often.

I can only say that I hope the ban hammer will do it’s work and people learn from it. We might see things getting normalized in the future.

I feel as though this is slowly becoming the norm in online mp gaming. Don’t remember it ever being this bad.

Some of the quitters are real. Some of them are losing connection. I have a few friends that can’t play because they have time warner cable. They either lag a lot or just drop connection to the games.

But for reals… Quitters are stupid and I can’t wait for 343 to enact the ban hammer/fix for quitters by truly penalizing them. Old school worked. If you quit - 10-20 minute break between matches is required.

It will fix that stuff up real quick.

I’ve been getting this issue as well.

I think the best way to avoid it is to play with a team. Any experienced halo players here wanna team up sometime?

add me GT: ShyGuyXii

CSR: Diamond 1 in Slayer & Team Arena

Had 2 in a row last night, one guy died once and rage quit. The other two teamates just left right off the bat and eventually my remaining teamate and I called it quits. :confused: luckily that’s all I’ve had to deal with I’m sure others have had it way worse.

Just wish the remaining players from a quitter team weren’t punished with a crushing defeat

On the opposite end of things, I haven’t seen any quitting in the matches I have played, though I have only played 12 games…

Maybe not an immediate derank, but I agree with stricter punishments. My first Halo 5 match ever, we lost because someone quit. I did pretty well too.

I have very good internet but I have been forced out of a game 3 out of seven times due to “bad connection” very strange.

The first night I played 3 straight matches in arena 4 v 2. I got my -Yoink- handed to me.

Halo is the only game where having 1 or 2 bad teammates cost you the game…why should I stay in a game and play by myself basically because my teammate does not have fingers?? Really bad kids are being put into Plat and Diamond which is already a problem of its own. No way a kid who goes 1-19 should be in Diamond…like what

I agree, but 343i should add an reconnect feature. I mean, it can’t be if i lost(which is reallly really RARELY) connection, my team have to lose because i can’t reconnect. Every other Competitive Game like CSGO offers such feature…

ye, im getting this quite often, when my team is up 24 - 2 within 3 minutes everyone on other team seems to leave, not sure if its my connection, nat settings, port forwarding, ping to the servers. . . im just not sure

Ya I had this happen last match, within 5 seconds of the match starting one of my teammates quits. Then less then half way through the match my other team mate quits leaving me & one other dude, until he quits & leaves me to fight the entire enemy team by myself & which I did, until a little over a minute left in which I gave up & I proceeded to approach the same spot where they were & I let them keep assassinate me.

so you want the one guy that stays in the game to quit so he can get penalized as well?

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> so you want the one guy that stays in the game to quit so he can get penalized as well?

No, I want his teammates that left the guy out to dry, lose a rank as soon as they hit start and quit.

Say someone in Gold 5 for example quits,then he automatically gets demoted to Gold 4.

I actually feel bad beating up on the guy who says on the game. It’s not fun for him or my team.