Quitting Early

I’m sure this has already been a topic but I’m so frustrated i don’t care. How in the hell can you have a ranking system when half the games are 3 vs 4 or 2 vs 4. I swear every other game i play, someone leaves early and causes my team to lose… which drops my rank… which groups me with people of the same rank… which are a lower skill set… its really… really… frustrating. I have literately quit playing this game over the last month or so for this reason. How can you drop my rank when two people on my team leave… and the other person on my team is a damn 8 year old that doesn’t understand the game mode in which he queued for… of course I’m going to lose and have a terrible KDR… WTF!!!

Been a topic, more like hundreds of them.

Remember, skill in videos games is a myth. Its all about “reaction timing”, and “connection lag” Most of the time its the connection between you, the server, and all the other players.