Quitting a game?

The reason I’m asking this is. I have always said never quit. And I still pretty much feel this way.
Buuuut the other night in one game. All my teammates were gone at about 3 minutes into the game. And I quit :disappointed:. I don’t believe in quitting but getting quadruple teamed for the next 9 minutes was far from appealing to me and far from what I call fun.

If I’m playing really bad and going super negative, I see quitting as doing my teammates a favor by not giving out easy points to the enemy teams. I’ve also won Slayer games where I’m going positive along with everyone else on my team except for one person getting 5 kills and 20 deaths and once that guy leaves we’re able to make a comeback and win. So yes, I do think quitting in certain situations is acceptable.

It seems to be a tough call for me as well. Sometimes the matchmaking is pathetic I can understand why people leave matches. I can also understand when they leave because the matches are so incredibly lopsided. Why would players want to waste 10-15 minutes just getting abused. So a quitter gets a temporary ban? They left the game because they weren’t enjoying anyway.

I do feel bad for the other team when they have players leave. I give “Kudos” to those that stick around in an uneven match. There are times I feel “forfeit” should be called.

When your playing Team Arena, if ONE player quits, your team will never -Yoinking!- win. You will get demolished and should be able to quit.

Just one player quitting will ruin the game for that team so yes