Quitters, System revamp

So I am well aware that quitters have been a problem long throughout Halos prestigious ranked arenas, and I understand that it is forbidden for a new player to join in a game for multiple and logical reasons. I’m curious though, as to why they have not revisited this age-old problem. I understand (it’s happened to me before as well) that sometimes a situation in real life would cause you to quit, or you lose connection, power goes out, whatever the case may be it does happen. That being said, there are far too many people who quit just because they are unhappy with the result of the match or their team mates, etc etc. So why not, instead of simply banning people, give them an arena rep, one that is influenced as well as influential? Lets say that it recorded quit percentage, as well as a quick easy to access thumbs up thumbs down report from their team mates and was marked as such. Now lets say that the ranked system took this into account and paired people up with similar quit percentage as well as rep? I feel that there are more than enough players to accord this into matchmaking without straining the system too much searching for compatibility. In addition to this change, shouldn’t players who have suffered a disconnection be allowed to rejoin their match in progress? I understand that nobody else could take their spot in the match, so why not give them an address to the match and a portal with which to rejoin? That would help define the blurred line between quitting and connection issues, no? I feel as though this wouldn’t be asking too much, and could greatly improve arena.

TLDR: Quitters play with quitters, and disconnections should be able to rejoin ranked match in progress.

What do y’all think of this idea?

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> What do y’all think of this idea?

I think you already have a thread.