Quitters Ruin Arena

Hi 343,
Way too many quitters in Arena.
It truly ruins the game type for solo players like myself.
Any stronger ban hammer upgrades coming???
Why can’t a new player join in on " Ranked" if it’s 4 on 3 or less, within the first 3 to 5 min of the match?
CTF, Strongholds 4 on 3, is basically a lose 95% of the time.
FYI People,
I already know linking up with a team is the best way to avoid this situation
Just so frustrating, having a quitter every other match and sometimes it’s the same person quitting again from a few matches back that quit before.

I actually found something worse. Finding a team, and one of them quit. I have one guy keep sending me join requests, but I ignore them because last time I played with him, he quit during a tough match. I don’t have time for that.

I report every quitter on xbox. If they’re someone who quits frequently, and other people report them like I do, then eventually they’ll get a system-wide ban. I’ve gotten a number of messages from xbox live saying people I’ve reported this way have gotten a ban of some sort.

it’s really not that bad of a system now … I do agree that quitters are too frequent. Really just the ban for the first quitter of the match needs to come down harder, that’s all.

I am NEVER the first to quit … but almost always the second… after the teams are uneven; it’s not a real game.

I actually played a match of slayer on Saturday one guy quit before the game started so it was 3v4 and the score was 50-46 sure we still lost but, that was a close game.

Don’t let them leave the match so they absorb all the kills and at the same time, piss everyone off enough so that everyone reports them.

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Low population leads to uneven matches leads to people getting -Yoink!-’d leads to people quitting the game leads to low population leads to uneven matches … … …

We have to accept there are still a few people who play for fun and not for -Yoink!- measuring purposes.