i have some decent internet and i get host quite a bit in reach but sometimes my internet has some lag spikes, and when I’m host it will put me in a game all by myself and say"GAME OVER!" yet when I’m not host i will lag for about a minute then rejoin the game, is there anyway that i can have these not count as quitting out of games? :S

There’s no way, unfortunately. If lagging out didn’t count, then people could unplug their routers to quit without penalty.

ah darn… thanks for the information though

So you have an Open NAT?

Which ISP are you with?

What networking hardware are you using?

i need a video to how open my NAT, and that problem happened me to, but also i mean who wants to reset their modem only for a game, thats already a super rage quit

> i need a video to how open my NAT

No such video exists because the procedure is different for every modem/router and router.

Try http://portforward.com/