Quit spotlighting your employees on social media

Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way. But with the way some in the community have been as of late, all this is doing is making your employees targets of those that are crazy enough to harass, personally attack and worse. Not to mention the threats they might get through personal messages. In the state the multiplayer is in right now, while I’m sure your team appreciates the spotlight. Until the game is in better shape, for your employees mental health sake. Stop spotlighting them on social media.


Right? I thought the same thing. Spotlight a “Quality Control” position while at the same time release armor affects that aren’t centered…? That doesn’t shine brightly for the Employee or the Company.

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Or a BTB hotfix that breaks more than it fixes???

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There’s probably more positives of coming in the spotlight than the negatives of receiving more criticizing comments. Like they’ll gain recognition, job opportunities, a following. We shouldn’t remove recognizing individuals for their work just because they’ll subjectively receive some negative comments.

The very second your name is included in the credits of an AAA game, your phone starts ringing (or used to, who knows what the market is like) - recruiters aren’t exactly hounding social media looking for people to poach (though I’m sure it happens - it’s also not something companies probably want lol)

Has the guy in charge of BTB matchmaking been spotlighted yet? :joy:

It’s a tough line to walk between whether or not to communicate and how much to do it as a big studio. Honestly, fans tend to get upset either way, unless the game is just in a good state which would be the best case scenario.

Look at DICE, they were radio silent on BF2042 for what, 2 months until this last week or so. And the BF fan base was in an uproar about the silence and state of the game. Personally, I’d rather get the communication than not

To your point though OP, maybe with the current status, the game updates communication should just be coming from the official “Halo” and “Halo Support” social media accounts to save or community managers some bad times.