Quit Complaining about the Bubble Cannon

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You guys, the bubble cannon is a valuable weapon if you know how to use it. I’m sick of theses forums being overrun with posts like, “The Bubble Cannon is overpowered” or “I need more bubble cannons in my ordnance drops”. Seriously, you all just don’t know how to use it. If you duel-wield it with the plasma knife, it’s really effective. Or if you emp someone with the warthog and then quickly assassinate them with your designated battle rifle, you get like ten killing sprees. So seriously, enough of this complaining about the bubble cannon. I’m sick of it.

my bubbles!

Finally, someone rational. So long as you throw it before it explodes, the Bubble Cannon is the best weapon ever. It even makes your head-butt stronger.

Everyone who say’s it’s garbage is just too nooby to know how to use it right, and tired of dying to it all the time. If they actually practiced with it and had skill, they’d like it too.

I never use the Bubble Cannon. Why? Because there are better more tactical weapons, like triple wielding Battle Guns. I’ll take on a Bubble Cannon any day. It’s not OP.