Quit Bans, Un-Even Teams - Help Fix The Problem

One thing people need to understand is the proper way to close or turn off your Xbox One when playing Halo 5.

You hear about all these games that start with 4 vs 4 in the menu screen but when the game starts it is instantly 3 vs 4. The problem is the server itself is not dropping you from the active list fast enough. I was not aware of this until playing with a buddy of mine last night. I was done playing and other game JUST ended, it was the screen where it showed your team of 4 players.

I said good night and turned off my box, I normally just hold the button down for 8 seconds.

I got a text message from his shortly after and he said the next game lobby never dropped me until the game started. Not only did they have to play a man down I am willing to bet the banhammer registered me as a quit/drop.

What you need to do when you are done playing with friends or even solo. When the game is over return to the main menu and back out of everything. You should be at the menu where you select arena or warzone, THEN you can turn you system off.

Ever wonder why you quit out of one game and got a ban? Maybe you turned your xbox off a few times after a game and you were re-queued back up without knowing it. So you had 4 quit outs yesterday you didn’t even know registered and today you leave one game and get banned.

Just a heads up for those that didn’t know.

I think a large majority of people knew this, but thanks for clearing it up for those who didn’t. Gotta learn sometime!

I’ve never had to do this with any other PC game or Xbox game.

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