Quicktime Events

Now I don’t particularly mind the new style and features. Yeeaah I preferred the original look where you could tell the difference between a jackal and an elite from a kilometer away, but I can live with it.

The biggest let down for me is the quicktime events. Yes I know at the start they were trying to “train” players into playing the game according to this article on Eurogamer, but not only do I feel this is completely unnecessary but there is a stigma associated with quick time events that I wish they’d just avoided. This was only for the first level though, I guess I can live with that.

My Heroic gripe is with interactions, not truly quick time events but within the same category. Previously, walk up to button, press button, move on. Halo 4 introduces walk up to button, press button, wait three seconds for the Master Chief to also press button, move on. Now I threw myself straight into Heroic, not having played a FPS shooter in quite a few months, and found it constantly frustrating that in the middle of a firefight when I needed to turn on a lightbridge, the MC would casually move in front of the button (directly into the line of fire), casually raise his hand and press the button, stand there watching the panel close, and THEN I could frantically hide because my shields had just been taken out.

I imagine this is going to be more annoying on Legendary. For me this detaches me from the experience, as rather than me pressing the button it’s me telling the MC to press it. It’s a pain in the backside more than anything but things need to be said.

My legendary gripe could be considered a spoiler so let’s put it in one;

Press LS up to enter endgame. Press LT to win game. W…T…F… Justify that! Halo 1 and 3 had the Warthog race, Halo 2 had an actual boss, didn’t play ODST but Halo Reach had the “shoot down the phantoms and cruiser” bit. All epic endgames that left you in no doubt that was the end of the game.

When you waltz up to the Didact and he disappears, you kind of expect something epic, ya know? Instead you get this crap.

343 claim that quicktime events put the player in the action moreso than a regular cutscene. I agree, but far less so than actual gameplay! If they feel the player should be doing something at that point, then why have they put it in a cutscene to start with?? Duh.

In regards to training, I don’t see anything wrong with the first Halo’s approach. At no point did it lock your character into doing anything, but you still got to beat down a door. Educational and without the stigma!

343 should have listened when the gaming world shuddered at the mention of quick time events rather than try to argue their point. At the end of the day, who are the ones playing the game?

Get over it, there is like what? 5 at most in the game. They also make you feel more like a Spartan, without quick times its hard to do it in the game.

Like watching a DVD and having sudden ad breaks in random places. A DVD shouldn’t have ad breaks and when it interrupts the grand finale and the grand evil bad guy that’s been making the protagonist’s life a misery for the duration of the film is defeated Evolution-style using branded talcum powder, you feel kind of let down.

While not everyone will be in to the story I still it’s an incredibly lazy approach to write off the endgame as a quick time event.

Like I said, I can live with the first mission, though I dislike it, the buttons are a pain in the backside, but the “boss” was a complete and total let down.

And I don’t think that holding LS forward to climb up then crawl makes me feel like a Spartan. It makes me feel like I’m carrying too much in Skyrim.