Quickplay was the last straw

Ever since Team Skirmish I have been asking for a plain objective playlist, to stop giving Slayer so much support. As I have said many times before, all but one playlist in the ranked arena has some association with Slayer, and in every playlist that has Slayer as an option, Slayer is the gamemode that shows up the most often. You can see how this pisses me off.

Every day I have logged on to this site, hoping an Objective playlist would be announced, so I can play regular CTF and Strongholds without the constant worry of having to play Slayer. Every day I wish 343 would listen to me, that they would understand my woes and do something about it. But what do they do…?

They make another Slayer playlist! This proves that they are consciously working against every thing I stand for. They are literally driving me away from Halo 5 by performing this action.

The description of the new playlist says it’s supposed to help new players become familiar with Halo 5’s gameplay. I can say they are doing a very good job at helping new players realize they’re going to be playing a lot of Slayer in Halo 5.

When I first saw the notification for the new playlist when I opened Halo 5, I literally smashed my head against my ottoman several times. If this is what the majority of the content in your game is going to be, 343, then I’m not going to be a part of it. I’m done with Halo 5. See you in MCC.

Have fun with MCC OP. Going to close this off as there isn’t anything to discuss here.