Quickplay was a mistake

I think Quickplay and BTB being the only options for the beta is a mistake. (I know, Ranked is there as well but that’s a glorified Quickplay.)

I have been trying for hours to get a single Stockpile match just so I can complete a singular challenge.

I hope this is changed for the full release.

This is one of many problems with this progression system

took me almost 30 games to finally get an oddball match for one of my weekly challenges…
so much wasted time

You have not unlocked a swap to change it?

At the time, no I hadn’t I’d played for about approx an hour and hadn’t hit BP lvl 3 for one…

I finally got a match of oddball to get the challenge…
but thats the point isin’t it…
pay real money to get swaps when you can’t get the right rotation for your challenges…

the entire system is built around forcing people to spend real money

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-Yoink!- I’m not looking forward to this I’m on level 2 and trying to do 3 challenges I can’t get done

I’ve genuinely given up after level 2 of the battle pass, this “progression” system is detrimental to the experience.

There should be an option to queue up for a specific game mode, in order to be able to complete the challenges, and not just to hope for luck to finally be able to play the right mode.

This just provides a frustrating user experience, and does not help to address the challenge with customer/player churn.

I currently wait for the title card in game to show the game mode, and if it’s not what I need I back out. Until I get it.

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. I UNDERSTAND THATS A -Yoink!- THING TO DO TO A HALO GAME. BUTTTTTTT it’s incredibly important honestly. That’s EXACTLY how cod and BF players will treat this system. They won’t care about random team players, most people don’t. I understand halo as a whole community and as a game REALLY take player match retention seriously. The player NEEDS to stay in the match and they NEEEED to be helping the team. However, this is F2P and people who play F2P like warzone like to grind stuff. So this style of grind will on fact make people want to stay in matches even less than MCC’s old and cods current terrible AFK Battlepass Leveling up method. This will cause bot lobbies to be frequent