Quickest and easiest way to get the assassina

I’ve tried using camo on ctf, btb and regicide. Seems to be going awfully slow.


The easiest ways, one perfectly fair and the other a little dirty.

Fair - Little bit of cleverness and big maps. Don’t cloak NEAR someone. Learn to just hide. Go out of your way to be behind the people looking down scopes to fire down field. A sniper is going to be easier to catch then the guy bouncing about in the middle of a fight with his BR. Use timing and cloak to cross the map quickly to constantly flank the other team.

Dirty - Get friends. Join Regicide. ALL of you do NOTHING but try to assassinate. Literally. Screw winning. You are racking up points. Only got like four guys? Do it anyway. Other dudes talking? Tell em its all about the assassinations right now. Invite them to try it too.

If you want the challenge fast you have to be willing to take a hit to your stats man. You can’t win matches on assassinations alone.

Edit: Don’t boost. Seriously. You might be able to get away with it. Might. But don’t be that guy. That chucklehead looking for the brainless way out of having to earn things. PLAY the game and just go hogwild for assassinations. While your at it you might even really get to learn the maps too. Playing Regicide with your friends is one thing, just plain boosting is another.

I played oddball and got 4 in one game once. Try it and see.

Thanks! Someone just told me that you can unlock RAPTOR Venator by getting assassinations in Spartan Ops.

For good laughs and assasinations:

  1. Run behind wall.
  2. Throw decoy in a direction that you might have ran.
  3. Stab some necks as they try to melee your hologram.

Also, in any non-pro game type, mobility (unlimited sprint) is key for face smashing.

Are you sure? I’ve had a couple of people confirm this.

In Dominion, hide in the shadows inside a base that you own. When an enemy comes up to try to take the base, go for the assassination.