Quick way to get credits ?

Is there a way to get quick credits ?? Ive seen some players saying " yea ill get 300,000 credits tomorrow and see etc etc" how ?

How can i get more credits quicker ?? I get so little playing matchmaking MP for a few hours…its almost like it doesnt move my leveling bar :frowning:

Well, since they fixed Custom Challenges, and the Credit Cap is now at 200k, the simplest answer is the obvious one…play the game…no mater if you do Custom challenges for additional credits, you’ll only hit the cap faster, or just playing within your favorite playlist now…everyone is in the same boat, and playing for those Credits/Virtual Dollars, is now the same across the board.

I personally like FF Doubles, and working Custom Challenges around those…get a friend and work your Comm’s as well.

are credits able to be transferred from friend to friend ??

No there is not…but wishful thinking none the less…I have a Reclaimer friend, and he’s just about to Inheritor, and has 100% Armor, and nothing left to buy with his 6 million plus credits…

Armor seriously costs way too much in this game. I think I’ve put in a nerdy sum of a total of 24 days into it, with 3000+ games, and I still don’t have a fraction of the credits needed to by certain things.