Quick two questions about the free dlc.

So the fact that my brother and I downloaded the maps free of charge from the in-game store had absolutely nothing to do with our map passes?! And now I read that we are under risk of being console banned?!

What the -Yoink- is going on?!?!? All this confusion is beginning to piss me off.

Anyone else in the same situation?

Anything from microsoft?!

There was a glitch that was preventing Map Pass owners from getting the maps for free, when MS tried to fix it, they ended up making the map pack free for everyone. They will have this glitch fixed eventually, so the maps won’t always be free.

You would have gotten them free either way.

You will not be banned as it was Microsoft’s fault that they were released free. Confirmed by their Xbox Support twitter account.

Thank you sooooooo much! Those words are music to my ears even though I can’t actually hear them. XD

Again, thank you.