Quick temporay fix for battle pass progression

The way 343 spoke about the game previously is that they can make changes quicker so till they sort the progression system why cant they just the daily to just be every game you play so you get 100xp every game no matter what then if you win you get 200xp. Obviously it would still need to be changed but a quick fix like this will at least improve on the garbage that is already there


And how would that not lead to AFK game farming? And you have something close to this, it’s the “play X matches” that you get daily. The real issue lies that if you are a hardcore gamer / grinder you run out of daily play challenges and that’s the actual issue you mean, long term reason to keep playing. The average joe will not have issues with the current system as he will get exactly what you described, XP for simple finishing games.

I know if you read what i said i have said that this would just be a quick tempoary fix that they could release in a day, The whole progession system needs changing but will take time so at least in the meantime we could earn xp every game like we should.

But replacing one bad progression system with a equally other bad one is not a fix.
Currently, the only people that “suffer” from the progression system are people that invest a big amount of time per day into this game. And I completely understand that you want to get value from your invested time. But you cannot propose a solution that would only benefit players of your playstyle. The current Daily challenges are exactly what you suggested. You get per game XP and even exactly 100. The only difference is, that pool slowly drains up through the day in contrary to your suggestion to keep giving out points.

On top of that, I don’t see any reason why they need to hurry up and fix anything. Yes it’s hardly working as is currently, but it’s not like once the season ends, you’ll loose access to its contents. So my question is, are you playing the game because the gameplay is fun, or because you only want to unlock the Battle pass? And I don’t mean this as a insult or anything, but if the game is fun for you to play, I don’t see a issue just waiting for them to come up with a proper solution since you won’t miss out on anything anyway if you buy the battle pass. Without the battle pass, you may gain levels, but there is no free tier anyway so you won’t even unlock anything.


It doesn’t matter if you are a player who is playing all day or a casual the system doesn’t reward players properly, I’ve seen people say it’s took them 3 hours to get into a game type to even attempt to complete a challenge, At least this way everyone is rewarded for every game like we should be until they bring a proper progression system out and if you make it double when you win then that makes more people play the objective work as a team to win

Quick and easy fix would be to have 2 repeatable dailies that keep repeating with both being available at the same time, one that gives 50xp for playing a match and a second that gives 100xp for winning a match. So for each match you play and win you get 150xp, each match you play and lose you get 50xp. Would further encourage everyone to give it their all to win and reduce how much people go out of their way trying to do some of the janky weekly challenges that only cripple their team in the process.

Once they do that they could alter the weeklies available to be a bit more team play friendly while adding more than are needed to get the ultimate challenge with different categories for them based on different play styles to get the weekly reward so people can pick and choose which ones they prefer doing without being forced to do all of them included ones that force them to play in ways they don’t want to play just to get the weekly reward. Could even go a bit further and make it so if you do complete all of them for the week beyond what is needed for that weeks reward you would earn a past weekly reward that you missed or possibly earn a small sum of credits to use in the store.

Would speed up progress a decent amount but not make it overly quick. If it does end up being a bit too quick they could make the first 50 levels be 1k xp per and the final 50 be 1.5k xp per allowing everyone to get a decent number of the rewards without a super ridiculous amount of effort then make it a bit longer for the final stretch.

The main issues beyond simply not feeling rewarding is that it forces people to play too much of modes they don’t want to play and in ways they don’t want to play. It strips a ton of the fun out of the game and turns it into a job especially when the xp rewards when you do complete those challenges are so low for the amount of effort needed a lot of the time and that is the exact opposite of what they have repeatedly said was the goal with the system.

You get kicked for inactivity. My party got several stockpile games in a row. A few of us were fed up and decided to sit back until the game finished but instead were kicked. Not sure if it was handled by the server or a user report caused it.

Except XP progression isn’t the only problem. You also need to complete these ridiculous challenges, within a week, to get the WEEKLY exclusive unlock. Right now that may just be a gold visor but that’s a potentially massive problem in the future. Slapping a quick fix on the XP will be a bandaid that doesn’t cover the whole wound - people will still be ruining games for everyone in order to focus on challenges over victory.

Couldn’t agree more!