Quick resume doesn't seem to work for me

Perhaps I’m way off here (and I did look to see if it was posted before), but why do I have to “quit” the Halo app every time I turn off my xbox? It has been like this since the beginning (of Halo Inf) for me. I thought the point of quick resume was that you can hop right in without having to close the app. But if I don’t quit the app, it will say “multiplayer unavailable” until I do.

If there is a fix for this, please direct me and feel free to close this post. I can’t be the only one dealing with this.


Quick Resume seems to operate funky with games that require online components. I’ve noticed this with Halo, Fortnite, etc.

Would recommend getting in the habit of just quitting the title completely and from QR before re-launching.


Yeah, the online for the game just quacks out if it goes into the QR queue for some reason. I have to quit the game every time I relaunch it to play online at all, which is fine for now but far from ideal. This is definitely something MS and 343i should figure out ASAP; It’s not an awesome look when one of your top first party games can’t really utilize one of your console’s best selling points.

So this is on Xbox’s end and not you guys’ (343i’s) end?

Huge update. Quick resume worked for me tonight. I let me xbox idle in halo and got distracted doing a bunch of other things so it shut off. I booted it back up, started Halo, and it joined a match. I had to “quit” before it started (change profile) because it was attrition, but at least QR worked!

Quick Resume has never worked for me; whenever i log back in i can never get into a match until i quit out completely to the main menu and re-launch the game.