Quick Rank System Fix

Heres what I believe would be the simplest and easiest way to majorly improve the rank system:
Max placement rank should be Gold 1.

Only the truly exceptional should place Gold 1. Then adjust placements to around how they feel now in Bronze and Silver. You should not be able to place into the top ranks.

Get rid of the MMR and hidden stats system. Go back to basics:
(I will use rank points as an example, not sure how the actual ranking progression system is setup)
If you win, you get 100 rank points. If you lose, you lose 100 rank points.
Then separately there could be bonus rank points called “performance points”. This would be an extra 0-25 points added to your rank points for the game. So if you have a high K/D, you get 15 performance points. If you have high OBJ, you get 20 performance points. If you have high K/D and good OBJ, you get 25 performance points.
This basically incentivizes slaying out AND playing objective. It doesnt affect your rank in a SIGNIFICANT way, but is enough to make you want to play well both in K/D performance and OBJ play. This also means that winning the game is the most important thing, while rewarding good performance.

Also bring back some version of the Champ rank from H5.

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Or they could just use an elo system that goes up/down based on your performance


Trying to work with what is already there, I think this system makes the most sense. Its unbiased and is rewarding.

It is technically a ranking system… but it would take 100’s, if not 1000’s of games, to get a meaningful rank sort.

That would play havoc with match making.

Which is why we use ELO. It ranks players much, much, faster.

It couldn’t be a raw number of players again. The system just can’t be that accurate.

Maybe the top 1%?

The crux of it is that performance is terribly hard to judge. Not all kills are equal. Not all objective plays can be scored.

That is why most of the systems just focus on the win. The idea is that if you are doing the team things… The wins will come… And your rank will reflect that. It will all wash out in there end.

It takes forever to advance in rank

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But that’s not the ELO system’s fault.

It’s up to the player to improve. And once you’ve hit your skill ceiling it’s very hard to improve.

But that’s the same for any life skill; Halo, chess, piano, crotchet, etc.

It could take weeks, months, or even longer to actually improve your skills.

Hopefully 343 are true to their word and bring in an XP rank. That should scratch the itch for a game to game level reward.

Yeah, it is. It takes forever to rank up, everyone knows this

BUT, it takes very little time to go down in rank.

I’m not sure?

TrueSkill can ball park your rank in a handful of games… and pretty much nail it in under 50 games (for a player in 4v4 playlists).

How is this “forever”?

I know this is just a snapshot of your skill at that time. But it will be an accurate representation of your skill.

Sure, you can work hard and practice and get better… and your rank can slowly move up with you. This may feel like “forever”, but your rank still matches your skill level along the way.

But at no point is it ELO holding you back. It’s the time it takes for you to improve.

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