Quick Question

So I’m diamond 4 on my second account in FFA, I’m in a game and make an incredible comeback to take 1st. Knowing I had a few wins on my diamond 4 I am positive this is the game that will bring me closer to Onyx. (Diamond 5)

But as soon as the game ends I see the oh-so-familiar “Could not retrieve data at this time” message. Awesome…

My question is will this game just take a few hours to register or will it be lost in limbo forever? If anyone has encountered this issue and ended having the game register or not please just let me know your experience.

I don’t know why this makes me so mad that I have to start a thread over it but sweet Jesus this bothers me. (I’m a “try hard”)

P.S. Yes I posted this in the support section but nobody ever responds to anything relating these error messages. Thought id try my luck here.

I feel you man but I honestly don’t know

Yes, it should. Happens to me from time to time. I always get my xp, points, whatever it is in a few games.