Quick question regarding CSR and the Halo API

I’m a little confused on the numbers related to CSR. For instance, take this pic:

(I should preface this by saying I don’t actually have Halo 5 yet so I’m not 100% up to speed regarding the CSR divisions/tiers)

Anyway, I was under the impression that, for CSR designations 1-5:

  • these referred to the divisions Bronze through Diamond - the “Tier” key for these is an int between 1 and 5 - rank is nullAnd then for CSR designations 6 and 7:

  • these referred to semi-pro and pro - tier is always 1 - rank is no longer null - it’s int value referrencing the players overall ranking in that playlist
    However as seen in the pic, this player has a designation of 6, yet their rank is still null. Am I missing something here?

You are correct with most your breakdown of the items.

  • The DesignationId’s run 1 through 7. - The Tiers run 1 through 6. - At DesignationId 6, Tier becomes a constant (1), but you gain the CSR Property (a numerical value, almost like MMR in LoL / Chess). - The top 200 [DesignationId == 6] players in Onyx (based on their CSR values) are classed as DesignationId 7, which is Champion. - Rank, is their place from 1 (being Highest CSR, best player), to 200 (lowest CSR in champion).The Image you have linked shows highestCSR every attained, however this may not be their current stat. If they have lost CSR points - this still shows their highest achieved CSR throughout their service record history.
    You would need to iterate over the PlayListStats in the ArenaServiceRecord and check the CSR entities :slight_smile: