Quick Question- Has the TU effects already been implemented

I found the pop-up message to be a little ambiguous because I downloaded an update and then the message said something about small effects already being implemented but they won’t fully take effect until Oct. 4 or something. Anyway, could someone tell me what is going on currently and what happens on Oct. 4?(Or if someone has the text of the message, or a way to make it pop-up again) The reason I ask this is because I was playing firefight one time and picked up a plasma repeater and noticed the plasma projectiles seemed to be going significantly faster than I remembered.

I didn’t read the message, so I actually did not know they said that.

The TU didn’t immediately implement anything into the game. It allowed 343i to make adjustment. What will happen on Oct. 4th, a multitude of playlists will go live that will offer the changes coming forth. These beta playlists will allow them to see what works and what doesn’t. When Halo Anniversary is released, we will see many changes in Multiplayer.