Quick Question about the weekly reward kerfuffle last week

I didn’t really play a whole lotta games last week since I completed all ten challenges for the Tactical Ops in the first week. I only remember playing 2 times since I first attempted to do the weekly challenges, but got burnt out after the 3rd or so game. I did hear last week some bug happened that kept people from completing the challenge, and that as long as we played a bit last week, that we would also get the weekly reward as well.

Do I still fall into that category, or did I need to complete at least one challenge, since I checked in and I don’t actually have the ‘Core Element’ backdrop? I don’t feel entitled to it, but I do find it to be one of the cooler backdrops so far if I did have it.

Here’s the official statement:

To make up for this progression blocker, all players who participated in the Tactical Ops event during the final week (3/15-2/22) will be automatically granted all 10 rewards from the Event Pass along with the weekly Ultimate Reward.


Huh, strange then that I didn’t get it. Oh well, I’m not going to fret. Either that or it takes time for all players to get it until its distributed to their playerbase. I’m not sure which will be true

If you qualify and don’t receive the reward, I suggest you file a support ticket and see what they say.

Usually if I ever did submit a ticket, usually they tell me the same thing about how it was outside their ability to help. Couldn’t hurt to try again though.

I filed a ticket and hopefully they can help. I made it as concise and polite as possible. Maybe they will give it, or maybe not. I won’t be bothered either way.

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It’s worth a shot. Keep in mind the eligibility period covers Tuesday to Tuesday. Is there a chance you played your couple of games on Monday?

I’m pretty sure it was as soon as the new challenges arrived on Tuesday when I saw what the weekly reward was. I played about 2 or 3 games before calling it quits since it was quite a busy week personally.