Quick Play Crash, Brb Crash and Ranked Crash

Only started happening today and now the game wants to keep crashing. This is especially annoying on Ranked modes. Drank and then a ban?? The worse part is my teammates think I’m afking. I’ll hear them while my screen is frozen. I figure if I stay until the match is over then close the app, HOPEFULLY, I won’t get banned.

This Beta is a whole mess and they have less than a month to make sure it’s operational.


I feel like this needs to be addressed before 12/8 if they can. It is demolishing the ranked scene; I must be seeing close to 50% of my games with a crash/disconnect. To say playing 4v3 isn’t fun is an understatement.

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My game has crashed twice in a row in the ranked playlist. Not only is it frustrating to be kicked out, but I also lose ranking because the game thinks I’ve quit out. This is getting really aggravating. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

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bro, I feel you it keeps happening to me too!! 343 plzz fix this bug. Thx

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