Quick Play/BTB Crossplay

As an Xbox player and Halo enthusiast for the last 20 years let me start off by saying i’m thoroughly enjoying the base gameplay by itself. There are some progression issues but my biggest complaint is that there is no option to disable cross play in quick play multiplayer. I understand that they want to provide an experience where we’re able to find lobbies quicker, but not at the expense of the enjoyment of the game. As a console user- over 75% of my games lately have been 3 or more PC players on the opposing team. I’m all for a challenge, but constantly getting matched against them especially in a game like Halo is unbelievably frustrating. There’s no argument that PC players have an innumerable number of advantages over console players that no amount of aim assist can fix, and I don’t want more aim assist. All i’m asking for is the ability to disable Crossplay if we so choose.


It was an option in the MCC, there really isn’t an excuse to not include it in Infinite other than they want to force people into a cross-population to keep it active.