Quick fix to progression

Here is my quick fix to help the progression be worthwhile and not take too long for dev. It will also encourage players to play and win without worrying too much of doing specific challenges.
Change daily challenges from playing a match to getting Double kills or Headshots. Daily give more XP.
Static XP earn system (per match).
1 Match Played (Loss/Tie) = 50 XP
1 Match Played (Win) = 75XP
1 Match Played (Win/Top of Leaderboard) = 100XP

Later on add xp per medal kill/assist/objective/medal.
Hope this gets added soon because dailies are just redundant and a bad gimmick. Could be better.

It’s a remedy for sure but I feel like the solution is to implement performance-based XP

you should be rewarded for playing the game, and being encouraged to play how’d you like, instead of only gaining XP from completing an annoyingly tedious challenge that forces you to play against how’d you desire only to be halted with XP progression when you complete all the weeklies.

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Also should add a Career leveling system or Spartan Rank as well for the Ui adding a Profile and Battle pass Tab.
Should be able to rank up a spartan rank to 100 and prestige it any amount of time you want and create a leaderboard for it. COmmunity challenge you could say.