Quick community help please?

Hello, I’m sorry if this isn’t in the greatest location, but the “Official Ban Thread” has reply locked for me. If there’s a better place, I’m really sorry and I don’t mean to be an inconvenience.

I got a ban message after finishing a game, and I don’t understand what I did to earn it. It’s a temporary XP ban, and I’m not complaining so much as looking to see exactly what I did wrong so that I can avoid it in the future.

I bought the game the other day to play with some friends who came from out of town to stay for a night on their way to a vacation spot. No one accessed my Xbox without me in the room, and although we all sucked badly, no one did anything besides try their best to shoot at the other team. I was starting to get better today, and things were getting fun, when pow, apparently I’m locked for something I don’t understand. I don’t have a headset plugged in, I don’t have a Kinect, I wasn’t “Boosting”, and though me and my guests sucked (I mean we had just put the game in for the first time ever yesterday), no one was feeding anybody anything intentionally or breaking rules.

What I know:

  • I’ve read that quitting too much can ban you, but I’ve never quit a game. Does backing out of a lobby in the pre-match waiting screen count or something? I thought that was the only safe time to back out from matchmaking.

  • I’ve never boosted before. I’m level 15 and I just started last night.

  • I’ve only had one “DNF” which I think is a host quitting, but that can’t be my fault, and it’s only happened once.

  • My wife played one game and got owned while we all laughed with her, but she wasn’t AFK, and it didn’t ban me after that game. And I read that ‘Sucking’ isn’t supposed to ban you.

I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to understand why I’m being reprimanded. Could someone help me understand so that I don’t repeat whatever I did? I just didn’t mean to hurt anything, I don’t want to be on bad standing with the game or something. I want to go back to playing and earning experience, a 24 hour ban for someone who’s only played a few hours total and not even a listed reason? That sucks. Any ideas? Thank you for any help you can offer.

Everyone gets “banned” at some point, often it has nothing to do with anything under your control.

I’ve been “quit banned” for DNF’s when they were really host-drops, had a game like that today as a matter of fact (really it dosen’t matter that much).

If y’all sucked so bad in the games it might just be as simple as a party of trolls all muting you (or a guest) at the same time, you don’t even have to have a mic.

People get arbitrary bans every day, as long as it’s just temporary don’t let it get to you.

I haven’t looked at every single game you played today. However, I looked and found at least 4 games where you or your guest did not get a single kill in the match.

This can flag you for an XP ban for at least 2 things:

  1. AFK(the system does NOT tell if you were actually moving)

  2. Boosting Other players stats by giving them free kills.

Either way, this activity can resort into an XP ban. I am not sure how long they last. you may check the Halo 4 ban thread that is stickied at near the top of the forum.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your responses.

There were quite a few games where at least one guest staying didn’t get a kill. I was really afraid that it might be that. We were all trying to learn the controls and get used to the aiming system. I really hate feeling anxious that people trying to have a good time won’t get a kill in fear of an account ban, but I understand that it might be the best solution for everyone else online.

The only thing that I’m really worried about is the idea that bans could progressively get worse if my guests don’t “get better” at the game. I really hate to have to tell them that if they don’t happen to kill someone every game they could have our account banned. That’s kind of a sad conversation to have for someone just learning to play. I guess so long as it doesn’t end up in an entire multiplayer game brick I could just deal with it, but I’m really afraid that one day it’ll end up with us trying to log in and having to explain to my family, “Sorry guys, you didn’t do so well so we’re not allowed to play anymore.”

I can totally understand that the system is in place for everyone playing competitively online, and I do respect that. Is there maybe a casual lobby for people not wanting to earn XP? I really don’t like the idea that I’m boosting strangers by allowing beginners to participate, and I really dislike the thought that this could negatively impact anyone else here trying to play the game. Like I said earlier, I just really don’t want to wrong anyone. I’m new to the game - I don’t want to be disruptive and the ban messages just make me feel like a bad community member.

Thank you again guys.

Update - Maybe if that really is the problem, I’ll just convince them to run campaign to learn or something instead. That could be a fun way to stop messing anything up. Anyone think that really is the actual problem, the ‘No Kills = AFK’/Boosting thing?

A good romp through the campaign is a good idea, there’s also the option of playing a local custom game with just you and your guests:

-start button
-left stick down once
-left stick right twice (network)
-my xbox 360

this way you’ll be able to “AFK” as long as you like and no one gets “banned”.


I’m reminded od the GDC panel comments regarding accessability.

“We wanted to make the game more accessable… so we could ban dem n00bs trololololol”.

It’s not happened to me but the banhammer in this game seems to be way over sensitive.