Quick (but expensive) way to destroy the goblin

I was searching for a way to quickly destroy the grunt goblin, and whaddya know? The fastest way to take down a Grunt Goblin- Halo 5: Guardians - YouTube
It seems that with a lot of TJM (Twin Jewels of Maethrillian) shots you can destroy that energy shield and insta-kill the Grunt inside. Hopefully this should help with the grunt goblins on Warzone maps (A.R.C and Apex) seeing that they are left alone for a majority of the match

Once the front is blown off (purple plasma fire below the canopy) you can snipe through this to insta-kill the driver. I did it once my self and have seen other clips of it as well. Ill see if i can find a clip but if anyone else has one to hand that would be awesome.

Thanks for the tip!!

Lazy link

With my luck, someone on the other team with a sniper would get him before me once the shield was down. Otherwise, this is great.