Questions that I've been wondering about.

Ok how many guys use the female spartan I use it and when someone gets angry and tries to start a fight with me with messages like this ur a feg go kill urself which I sent them the correct spelling your a f*g go kill yourself and I tell them to go learn how to spell and 85% of them say at least I don’t pretend I’m a girl to trick people because I use the female spartan doesn’t mean i pretending also I hate it when someone acts like guys don’t use girl characters I like to point out splatoon 75% of time you play online you see the female inkling so… yeah I’m just wondering if anybody has the same issue also what’s with the supposed hackers with horrible spelling I can’t take them seriously because I’m laughing at their pathetic attempt to threaten me fun fact I got Xbox to take action on them by using the xone report system I think that console is better with reports since you can report the exact message.


People on reach, a huge amount tend to “date online” and if you don’t surmount to their standards they get all pissy, then half of that same community acts like girls to do all that innuendo. Reach has fallen on some hard times. Yesterday I insulted an individual and he said he’d get his friends to “jump” me, in a game. I left and signed on my other account to get into that same custom game and killed him and his “gf” until I was kicked. People have big mouths but some do actually live up to their threats, a few weeks back a friend was playing on my account and she got hit offline due to my other friend (we all share the Peculiar GT) killing him.