Questions on New FF Map: Installation 04

Just curious if any one is aware of any additional details on the new firefight map to be released with Halo CE: Anniversary. There are various videos on the youtubes (from Halo Fest, TGS, etc.) and BS Angel provided some info in the weekly bulletin; however, many details are yet to be revealed. For example:

  1. The original level “Halo” had some underground areas connecting 2 structures here. From the video fly-through, a bright green/blue light can be seen where one would normally go underground. Can it be assumed that these areas are closed off for FF? 343i, can we please have these areas be accessible?

  2. Is there any interior space within the primary structure (the large beacon-like structure)? There was no interior on this structure within the original “Halo” level - perhaps this has now been opened up?

  3. From the fly-through videos, we see that a man cannon has been added to launch players from the field up to the platform on the primary beacon structure. This would appear to be quite useful for players; however, can enemies also use the man cannon? This would allow the normally defensible platform structure to be easily flanked by the AI, allowing them a back door right onto the platform.

  4. Installation 04 also appears to be the only FF map with the chain-gun warthog available. Will any other variants be available? I believe most players are rather exhausted with the rocket variant - perhaps the Gauss variant will be available? For that matter, how and when will the warthog spawn? It appears to be dropped by a Pelican. Maybe one drop per round? (recall the order is 5 waves per round, 3 rounds per set). Will the warthog drop be a random variant or will it consistently be the chain gun?

  5. In the fly-through video, 343i mentions this will be a vehicle-centered map. As such, what covenant vehicles will be featured? What will the drop ships bring? We have already seen ghosts and wraiths - perhaps we’ll finally be able to use the revenant in FF?

  6. Each FF map in reach has 2 ammo boxes. In the fly-through videos, only one is apparent (located at on the platform of the primary beacon structure). Where is the second?

  7. With the introduction of a new FF map, does 343i plan any revisions / additions / updates to the firefight playlists? Many community members have been asking for an endurance or survival mode similar to the current “Firefight Limited” playlist, but with unlimited sets / time. 343i, please, any possibility to make this a reality?

  8. Installation 04 will also be the first FF map to feature friendly AI (ODSTs shown in the fly-through videos). Will any other AI (marines, civilians) be available? In addition to this new feature, will Installation 04 have any other new features / surprises?

Please post your thoughts. I cannot wait to play on this map!

Concerning point 3), in one of the videos from the Tokyo Games Show you see a narrow corridor leading up from the ground level to the main level of the central beacon to the opposite end of where the ammo cache is.

> Concerning point 3), in one of the videos from the Tokyo Games Show you see a narrow corridor leading up from the ground level to the main level of the central beacon to the opposite end of where the ammo cache is.

Yeah I noticed that too. But as for the underground tunnels, I hope they’re gone. If the enemies don’t go in theere then its a pointless part of the map that I just can’t see being useful. If the enemy AIs can use it then I really hope its not there, because if its there and the enemies come in then the second enemies start pouring in and you’re down there they need the audio from Halo 3 where Cortana says “This place will become your grave.” If you’re playing heroic you’ll get murdere from both sides as there was not alot of covet save for nooks and a main structure in the center. Reach AIs are pretty smart and will nade the crap out of you in those nooks. And when they’re trying to rape your face and you’re running around, mind the pit.

Don’t forget point 9:

Will there be invisible barriers? I like fighting Covies from higher ground. Going outside of LNoS on Co-op allows me to do Halo 3 style assassination attempts.

As for point 3, I think they need scripting to use it. But they probably could be pushed into it… I know what I’ll be doing if I ever get CEA. ;D

I’m pretty sure the underground passage connecting the two smaller structures are closed off. Getting down there and having Covies come at you from both entrances could prove fatal. Fun, but fatal.

And I also don’t think that the AI can manage such elaborate pathfinding. I can very well imagine that if you were down there and got killed, the Covies would have a bit of a problem finding their way up to the main beacon’s platform again. After all, the Covie AI keeps demonstrating over and over again that if given enough time and space, they will get stuck. At least they do in Reach.

For some reason the AI in ODST could handle rather complicated multi-level maps like Chasm Ten whereas the Reach AI often seems to be overwhelmed by only two levels.