Questions from a newb

I just started playing MM a while ago and have a few questions.

I know that theres no chance Ill get to General before Halo 4 releases but how much xp does it take to get there.(I heard it was revised multiple times)

Also how do you earn xp in a match and is there an indicator for how much you earned when the game ends?

Here is the exp needed for each rank:
recruit - one game played
Lieutenant - 15k
Captain - 30k
Major - 60k
Commander - 120k
Colonel - 240k
Brigadier - 480k
General - 960k

You can check how much exp you get whenever you finish the game. There will be a ‘total score’ box somewhere in the end game statistics screen and that ‘total score’ is how much exp you got. Bear in mind that you get 20% extra exp for playing a game till the end regardless of whether you win or lose, so if you want exp DO NOT RESIGN just self destruct your base.

Also the rate of exp per game will depend on whether you are playing 1’s or 2’s or 3’s. 1’s are very bad for exp 1k- a game. 2’s will be nearly as bad if you rush but could get about 2.5k if it manages to go on for a bit. 3’s are the best for exp as you have more stuff to kill and people rush less often. If a 3v3 game gets to the point where everyone is T3 then you could easily get 6-20k exp. Those games can take hours to complete though and if you don’t rush on halo wars you will probably lose.

To expand on what Brute said, if you want to maximize your XP per game, my advice would be to play as UNSC in 3v3 and focus on building canister tanks or Gauss Hogs, then destroying as many BUILDINGS as possible. You get points galore for destroying buildings.

Ok thankyou, looks like Ill have some grinding in my future…

keep in mind buildings include flood bases and units, not just your enemy buildings. It’s kind of annoying because that’s all that people do in most low level games, they just use their leaders to clear out all the bases and try to get veterancy before losing their leader when the canny tanks come rolling in.

There’s nothing wrong with getting veterancy on your units high vet units become incredibly valuable during the late game. people just need to learn not to tunnel on just getting vet, ou need to get your army and you expo’s up.