Questions for People who Like Sprint

I just have a few questions for the people who enjoy sprint in Halo, I don’t want to start a riot or anything, but I’d like to hear what people think. How would you feel if sprint and armor abilities weren’t placed in future Halos? How does sprint and armor abilities provide a unique experience in Halo that sets it apart from other games/ offers something different? Are the potential benefits of implementing sprint in Halo worth the risk of alienating the large group of people who don’t enjoy it? What do you think is the correlation between the drop in Halo’s population and the implementation of sprint and armor abilities? Lastly, did the consistency in the movement mechanics in Halo ce through Halo 3 cause their individual experiences to be un-unique and boring? If so, how? That’s pretty much all I have to ask, I’d like to hear what you guys think. Although this is directed towards people who enjoy sprint, people who don’t like it can answer too if they want.

I feel like every thing you want to discuss can be found and should be directed here.