Some conerns:
1. Friendly fire against vehicles
-I find it really frustrating when I get that gauss warhog or tank on Exile, and one of my allies gets mad that he didn’t get it, then decides he wants to chuck 2 sticky grenades on my vehicle and then shoot at it.

2. The game should provide the option to disable music
-From the woman singing at game startup to the ambient music when waiting in a war game queue, the music is just downright getting old and annoying (No offense). I would really like to see the option to disable this.

3. Re-rolling vote selections
I would like to see the option to vote for other options, like in Halo Reach. If I’m feeling like I want to play on Exile all day, I would like to vote for an option to bring up a new choice of maps to vote from (provided Exile isn’t one of the choices).

Now that I got my concerns out of the way, I have some questions:

  1. Do deaths by betrayal go on your record? If so, I think they shouldn’t.
  2. When playing with guests, do guests kills/deaths count toward your record? Again if this is the case, I think they shouldn’t.
  3. Are more maps going to be revived from previous games?
  4. Theres a forum called, is this trademark infringement?