Questions about the Prologue?

  1. Who is interrogating Dr Halsey?

  2. Who were the spartan team dropping into combat wearing mark vi armor?

  3. When did Halsey ever actually hand Cortana over to Chief in person?

Maybe this video is non canon but i don’t know, so could anyone enlighten me about these areas?


Feel free to post other questions about the prologue

  1. Don’t think they meant for us to know, a random ONI spook? However, she does treat him different than the rest and they make an effort to show us that he is unique in his questioning. So maybe…I dunno, part of Kilo-Five? Mendez? (is he even still alive? haha)

  2. Probably Red Team, or a depiction of them fighting on Earth or Reach.

  3. It’s been awhile since I read it but I believe the first time they were acquainted during training, (his first time with an integrated AI), on Reach she gave him Cortana.
    Then he ran fast and dodged missiles!!! :smiley: