Questions about the next map pack.....

Ok so 343i has done a really good job with there map packs so far. Love the fire fight maps, the defiant maps were good except they didn’t have much forg-ability. The anniversary maps are (insert explative here) amazing! There’s just one prob… They have yet to give me a new invasion map. And I don’t mean something for invasion slayer ( which I don’t really like). It’s one of my fav game types and it hasn’t gotten any love since the noble map pack. I hope the next map pack has like 3 invasion maps in it. Till then I’ll be living it up on these amazing anniversary maps! Thoughts?

i don’t know what the maps look like and i love to forge but can’t forge on the CEA maps cause, don’t have enough MSP, and i don’t know how to get that much points for a low price

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Invasion. It hasn’t seen support in almost half a year.

i used to only play invasion

It’s sad though. Invasion was one of the game types they got me fired up during the beta. Don’t get me wrong I still love it and Play it. It just needs a few new flavors.