Questions About Halo 4 DLC

I am trying to attain all of the achievements for Halo 4. I never purchased the Halo 4 DLC and considering that it is a week away until the Master Chief Collection I don’t see a lot of sense in buying the DLC any time soon.

Now my main question is this… My friend lent me his Xbox 360, and he owns all of the DLC for Halo 4, and I have tried to play the DLC and I cannot play it on my own account. Is there a way to access the DLC through my profile if it is downloaded on the Xbox on my friends account?

DLC is tied to the account that purchased it, you won’t be able to use it. sorry!

i think you should be able to use those DLC…

Does anyone here have pitfall if so msg me Gt:Sweaty Mexicaan

I wish there was still a dlc matchmaking.

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> I wish there was still a dlc matchmaking.

i’ve been saying this for more than a year lol :frowning: