Question, why does Halo Infinite murder you so frequently?

Genuine question associated with two clips.

Why does Halo Infinite murder you by throwing you off the map so often, and what even causes this?

This game will straight up throw me sometimes upwards of 20 feet in a direction at random.

Never experienced anything this game breaking in any other game that I play, but is a regular occurrence in Infinite.

(Before people come in trying to blame my internet, its the best I can do for my area. 200 down, 20 up, fiber optic cable hooked straight to the source)

I know that this is rubberbanding. Im curious as to why its so extreme in Infinite, because I dont experience this in any other games.


I’m sorry but I legit just laughed out loud. What you are experiencing is rubberbanding. Basically trash servers.


Or trash internet provider, which just amplifies the problem.

This is what is known as lag. Happens in every single online game out there, some more then others of course.

This is the only game I experience it on… so jarring

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Just play Rainbow Six Siege for the first few weeks of a new season.
Or play one of the older CoDs that no longer have anti-cheat support active on it because a new CoD came out a year later.
Then watch the magic of lag ruin your experience.

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It’s apart of the game … if you wasn’t standing too near to the edge you would have been fine.

In no way shape or form should that just be “part of the game”


It’s a core mechanic to combat splitgate.

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That’s because the way 343 prioritized and configured the networking systems in Infinite is a joke

This game is kind of dead so youre probably getting servers that are really far away. Cant say Ive experience too much rubberbanding myself

Halo has always been bad for rubber banding - probably poor matchmaking - I’ve never really experienced it with 33ping though in infinite. I’m guessing the sever dropped or something mid game. Not that I’m a professional.

Personally I prefer my ‘it’s apart of the game response’. 343 do too.