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Hello guys! I have a Halo 4 related question that involves the differences between Forerunners and Prometheans.

Main Question: What is the difference between Forerunners and Promethean Knights, Watchers, and Crawlers?

Other Question Related to Topic: Are the Didact and the Librarian Forerunners? If so, do Prometheans serve as soldiers for the them? If not, are they both considered Prometheans?

I do know that Prometheans are completely different than Forerunners. I am also aware that the Didact was initially “Killed” by the Librarian or became dormant because of her. The only things I’m confused about are mentioned in bold. Now that I have stated my question, I would very much appreciate it if I can receive any answers or thoughts related to this. Thanks!

The prometheans are forerunners and humans. They were composed by the didact to serve under his command. The name promethean is sort of a rank/title of warrior servants sort of like Spartans of the UNSC. When the flood became to powerful the Didact composed his warriors and he commanded them. But he didn’t have enough knights so he composed some ancient humans into knights. When the didact opposed the Halo ring idea the Librarian took him out and put him in his pod on requiem and sort of took control over the prometheans and left them on requiem to guard the didact. And the difference’s are is that the Knights used to be living things, while the Watchers and Crawlers are actually Forerunner AI’s. Not sure how they are made though. I assume the didact has more control over the prometheans since when he woke up he took control over them again in a second. Hope i helped =)

Forerunners are divided into castes. The librarian was a lifeworker. She was the highest, ranked. Lifesaver. The didact was a Warrior-Servant. He was part send leader of the most powerful group called promethean.

The didact composed his fellow promethean at first, willing subjects, hence promethean knight. But then he used humans too. Promethean designation still stuck. Watchers and knights share a same, soul, AI, essence. Crawlers are like sentinels, independent to a degree.

Okay, I think I have a better understanding of this now. So just so I can verify that I got it all down, Promethean Knights share the same soul,AI, essence, etc. with Watchers. Maybe this is what allows Watchers to spawn them? Knights are also possibly made up of human and forerunner beings. On the other hand, crawlers serve as sentinels that scout areas and are independent to a certain extent. Crawlers are basically AIs but it is unclear on how they are created. Am I correct on this?

As for the Didact, once he was awakened he regained control over the Prometheans, but the Didact and Librarian themselves are not one of them, therefor they must be Forerunners. Did I get this down as well? I am just making sure that I now understand this.

With that being said, thank you very much for the information erickyboo and AssassinJV11, it was very helpful!

Yup, you got it.

> Yup, you got it.

Okay, thanks a lot!