question to any who will answer

i recently was in a game in which my team ran off on thier own. our opponents were spamming the jump button (in an effort to minimize dying i guess.)i stopped running through the map and began sniping them.

we won and when the match was over i received a rather messed up message, about how i was a campy -Yoink- and i’m a noob. ect. i’m being hassled due to fighting a strategy with a strategy. i dont understand this. i understand camping is frowned apon but jumping around like a lunatic is not?

Your opponents were just stubborn children that got upset when you showed them that you were better. Don’t worry about it, because you weren’t doing anything wrong.

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You’re the one who knows how to play. LOL. They are noobs.

You used the sniper in its correct manner. I see no problems at all.

A lot of people get mad when they lose.

So how would you have sniped them if you were running around?

The opposing team got a lesson, and need to “cry moar please”, and you? Enjoy their salty, salty tears :slight_smile:

With Love,
Your Mom,

But you killed them! With a Sniper! AT LONG RANGE!

That’s totally camping! So unfiar!

JK, I would have lol’d for an hour straight after reading that.

They’re just sore losers. A lot of people like to send hate mail after they lose.

Ever heard the term “sore loser,” or “butthurt?”

Just ignore those player’s, Delete the message and
Avoid player.

It was legit camping dude. I wouldn’t worry about it. The only opinions I care about are the ones I choose.