Question, submit review player does it help in any way?

Im playing team arena and starting to think because its highly dificult to beat a very good organized or even players that simply connect because everybody is doing its part, like one to the rocket, sword, shotgun , sniper, etc, . When you are left alone against teams like these well there are many times in wich i think of quitting every time i get doble, triple or get shot by all the team at the same time so it feels like a machine-gun discharches all its load in 1 frkn second, i do not promote quitting i think that the balance 4 vs 4 gives you is right but you find yourself alone practically when the score marks a difference about 15 kills it doesnt matter if it is at the beginning of the game or in the middle or at the end i think that if you are going to go to an arena game you should know that people like there because they want to play with people who doesnt quit, i mean its exactly why there`s a division between the arena matches and the otherones, so you can enter with your friends maybe that do not own an xbox live account and you can get them in as invites of your own account, i guess its why some people prefer going into halo 3. And all of this because when you submit a player review, where does it goes? who reads it ? and if it does something good at all, I know theres a new feature of halo reach that if you quit too many games you enter on a provation mode and if you quit one more time you can enter matchmaking in about 10 min, but i do not think that is well retrieved either cause there had been a couple of times that i get my self banned for a while because something happened with my connection and i found myself alone like everybody else quits and if i where the only one there to win, but when i get banned i figure that all that times that i thought i have win of course going down the toilet, but anyway I do not know if it works but if somebody quits o me or the other team would get a player review from now on i hope really works,


The Submit Player Review function is an algorithm based on pre-arranged options, so they are not read by anyone. The most immidiate effect is that you’re not likelly matched with that person again, if you give them a bad review, namely the ‘Avoid Player’ option.

So then how is it helping? does it prevent my profile encounter a profile i already submitted?

Is there any direct link that makes this feature and the one halo reach about get banned from the matchmaking for 10 min?

No, the system for player reviews and Halo Reach’s own banhammer are fully seperated systems.