Question regarding the armors in H5

This question is kinda to the devs, but I can let all you guys speculate on it as well. The Main question I have, is after seeing some of their armors, will the entire Halo 4 armor line return? And beyond that, will the following armor pieces also be added: Soldier Legs and forearms, recon legs, recruit forearms and second shoulder. I add these because these armors were shown a lot in the spartan ops cut scenes, and in recruits case even in game by NPC Spartans. For those who might point them out, ricochet forearms were actually recruit ones, but weren’t added until they became apart of the DLC. The soldier and recon armors were shown in the spartan ops cut scenes, and at least to me Soldier leggings looked amazing, and I don’t know why they weren’t added (other than maybe side-arms would clash with the ammo pouches on the sides). To be all honest the reason I’m wondering is because I want to see If my Halo 4 spartan will be able to carry over to H5. You guys tell me what you think, and whether the DLC should transfer as well (for me it’s more likely not, because ODST is being made into nightfall armor, and prefect was an Easter egg in itself. the only reason ricochet forearms might come back is because they’re actually recruit forearms).