Question Regarding E3 2019

I don’t know if I’m blind and I’m missing something, but did they ever announce when Microsoft’s conference is going to be held? Is it Sunday June 9th or Monday June 10th?

I couldn’t find an event schedule on the official site, it’s probably not set in stone yet.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided an official date and time.

probably that sunday I think its been that way for I think last few years

It’s a little bit too early an official date will probably be posted closer to July

Don’t believe they’ve stated yet. At the rate companies are pulling out though it seems like they can have it whenever they want lol

well i know Microsoft has been in competition with Sony as far as announcing a “strategic” presentation time at e3 but no other major console platform is even showing up this year, so we will see the Microsoft presentation, and then dev presentations.