Question regarding credit bans, resets,e tc.

I decided that I wanted to get the last 5 or so achievements I needed in Reach, and they all involve playing on Defiant/Anniversary maps. Seeing how almost impossible that is when searching by yourself, i decided to join a group of people who go into a playlist with a full party. We tried for a few hours, but only managed to get two or three gametypes/maps that corresponded to the cheevos we needed. We didn’t boost kills, we managed to tie almost every game just to make it end quicker, but apparently that’s enough to be credit banned. Anyways, my question is what is the next step after being credit banned?

I think the first credit ban is 24 hours, the second is 1 week, the third is 2 weeks.

Also, your credit bans resulted from you guys getting 0 points across a large number of matches.

And this is what we’re reduced to to be able to get aome the first achievements released by 343.

A buddy and I did the same thing. In four hours, we got Condemned exactly once and a Headhunter match on an Anniversary map exactly once. Getting the 1-flag CTF Defiant Ach and a couple of the others is going to be insane.

I found out that YOURAZZISMURKED had been Temporaily Credit Ban for no aparent reason and they have no clue why, If someone can take care of this, It would be greatly appreciated, Thank you :slight_smile:

There is nothing to be done about a credit ban. It will expire when it expires. If it’s your first time being banned, it’s 24 hours. If it’s more than it’s at least a week.

credit ban it gay I gotbanned because my controler died and I’ve beenbanned all day I’m pissed